3rd Jordanian International Conference of Nutrition 2024

2024. május 24–május 25.
Amman, Le Royal Hotel, Amman
nutrition 2024

Dear Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Society,

Greetings from the Events Consultant Group. 

With great pleasure, I extend an invitation to Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Society, to support our upcoming event – The 3rd Jordanian International Conference of Nutrition 2024 and the 8th Diet & Nutrition Expo. The conference is scheduled for May 24th- 25th, 2024, at Le Royal Hotel, Amman - Jordan.

This conference serves as a platform for international collaboration and knowledge exchange in nutrition. With your esteemed support, we believe we can elevate the impact of this event and further promote the importance of nutrition in our global community.

The 3rd Jordanian International Conference of Nutrition 2024 and the 8th Diet & Nutrition Expo will bring together leading experts, researchers, and professionals worldwide to discuss the latest advancements, share insights, and foster collaborations. This event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization's commitment to the advancement of nutrition science and its application in promoting health and well-being.

As a supporter, Hungarian Pediatric Gastroenterology Societywill be prominently acknowledged in our promotional materials, including event brochures, banners, and the official conference website. Additionally, there will be opportunities for your representatives to participate actively in the conference.


Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us (Events Consultant Group), the organizer of the 3rd Jordanian International Conference along with the 8th Diet & Nutrition Expo, at Coordinator@eventscons.com.

Kindly find attached files, which contain the official invitation letter & the 1st Announcement.

Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to the possibility of working together to make the 3rd Jordanian International Conference of Nutrition 2024 a resounding success.

3rd Jordanian International Conference of Nutrition 2024 - 1st Announcement
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